Strip marker
(2 beam/4 beam marker)

  • The 4-beam strip marker for semiconductor can support both slot and stack magazine for loading & unloading. The strip handling is divided into two types, shuttle and rail types and the loading/unloading methods such as 1 in 1 out, 2 in 2 out and etc. can be configured in accordance with customers' request.
Strip marker
Shuttle typePlacing the strips on the shuttle for handling
Rail typeMoving the strips along the rail with indexing motors; faster transfer

Tray marker
(2 beam/4 beam marker)

  • Tray marker for semiconductor can be manufactured as compact ‘U’ type and conventional "I" type.
Strip marker
U type Small footprint, easy to operate with short tray movement distance
I type Available for the large-sized lasers

Wafer back side marker

  • CSM series is the wafer level chip scale marker for semiconductor and can mark on wafer backside without any chip damages.
    The equipment has an automated calibration system to compensate scanner accuracy and an automated marking inspection system to check the marking results.
    Wafer back side marker/CSM3200/3300
    Combo type Applicable for both FFC and bare wafer in single equipment.

    Wafer top side marker

    • WTM series is for marking reference die, bad die and wafer ID on a wafer.
      It provides wafer top side marking solution with high-speed processing and a user-friendly program
    Wafer top side marker/WTM200/300

    Wafer ID marker

    • WM series is wafer ID marking system used in cleanroom.
      It has high-degree stability and high-speed processing.
      It also has OCR edit function which the user can edit by themselves.
    Wafer top side marker/WTM200/300

    Grooving & Dicing


    • Grooving
      LMC3200G removes the low-k material and metal pattern layers on the wafer sawlane.
      It not only improves the yield rate but also reduces wafer chipping during
      the blade dicing processing.

    • Dicing
      LMC3200D is a dicing system for thin wafer of less than 200㎛.
      It is better than mechanical blade dicing system in terms of COO, sicne it doesn’t need to replace
      blade and the lifetime of laser parts is long and semipermanent.
      The non-contact process can dramatically reduce the problem of chipping and enable high-speed
    Wafer top side marker/WTM200/300


    PKG cutting

    • It is a package cutting equipment for substrates.
      The higher accuracy can be achieve by using alignment vision and automatic scanner compensation feature.
      It provides good quality performance and high productivity with flying processing method.
    PKG cutting/BMC254


    PoP drilling

    • BMC204P is a package drilling equipment for the strip and wafer types of POP.
      Its automatic inspection and scanner compensation feature make the process highly accurate.
      It adopts flying processing method to increase productivity.
    PoP drilling/BMC204P